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Father's Day is approaching. As a result, special commercial films for Babar Güneş started to come face to face. One of these is the emotional film that celebrates Father's Day for everyone who pioneers Opet heartily. Looking at a different point of view on the subject of paternity, the film shows a stance that I have for a long time considered to see personally about parenting and celebrates the paternity of an independent child with blood.

60-second film created by the advertising agency Pure; The father figure is based on trustworthiness. Sweet images and anecdotes from life show moments when a "father" is next to the child. When a child is afraid, when he is sad, when he needs support, when he feels lonely, he is the father. In this sense, it enlarges the definition of "Father" beyond what we are accustomed to, making it more inclusive.

The film is not just about the father because of the bloodline; their grandparents also refer to their mothers who are both motherly and paternal, as well as mentors who teach and teach, because of "paternity".

It reminds you that parenting is a labor, an effort above the bonds of blood or the spontaneously acquired qualities, by saying, "If you are blood-bound, hold your brother to heroism firmly."

Deploying Different Families

The global trend in the world is still a happy family triangle of parents-children, but families outside the standards are beginning to enter new advertisements . We do not see much in our country. There are divorced families, children who have lost a parent, and those who have grown up in a different way with their mother or father's remarriage … And indeed there are many families beyond what is considered normal for society. Unfortunately, this type of family is often ignored, though often confused.

Therefore, on Babes' Day, a big brand such as Opet will take such a stance, bring different family types and parent models, and it is a very important and valuable step to embrace their parents, mothers, and fathers outside the standard. With the desire to see more of these types of container work …

# Father's Day

Happy Father's Day for those who heartily pater! # Father's Day

Opet posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Advertiser: Opet
Advertising Agency: Pure
Production: Astronaut film
Director: Enis Baruh
DoP: Deniz Eyuboglu
Gaffer: Mehmet Cemal Toz
Post: abt


Visual: Facebook

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