Ottoman Erotic Manuscript Book Auction


A manuscript erotic book dating from the time of the Ottoman Empire comes to an auction at London's famous Sotheby's auction house at the end of this month.

It is expected that the 200-year-old handwritten manuscript, Tuhfet ul-Mülk, will find buyers of up to 350,000 sterling (approximately 2 million Turkish Liras).

According to BBC News in Turkish, it is recorded on the internet site of Sotheby's auction house that it was built by a noble man, probably because of the high quality of the manuscripts summarized under the heading "A Sheikh Recollecting Youth", and probably this person also took part in the miniatures of the book

Lucy Bannerman, a British Times newspaper on the auction, said in a signed statement, "The name is a mystery. His clothes, when he was on time, give the impression that he is important in the Ottoman palace. When you look at the elite handbook that deals with your sex life, it turns out that you really enjoyed your years of youth. "

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In the news it is stated that the book is regarded as one of the handwritings containing the clearest erotic scenes in the world and it is likely that the world of Islam will be the star of the auction of works of art.

In the miniatures of Kitte, both heterosexual and homosexual sexual relations are depicted.

On the Sotheby's auction house website, one of the miniatures on the book shows two women entering sexual intercourse, with miniatures of lesbian relations at that time being very rare.

It is stated in the book that the dates of 1779, 1799-80 and 1817 passed.

Sotheby's auction house's Middle East expert Chiara de Nicolais says, "This is the erotic illustration at the highest level."

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"It represents the long life of an Ottoman rascal. We could not find who, but there was a strict dress code in the palace of the sultan. Whoever it was, it was definitely an influential figure in the palace and very, very rich. It raises the impression that the wolf is one of the sultan's immediate surroundings. "

In the news of the Times newspaper, it was stated that the same person had been wearing 85 different miniatures, wearing the same blue jeans surrounded by the same white cloth, and having sex with both women and men

Nicolais also notes that the progress of this person's age is seen in the book.

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It is expected that a 209-page manuscript, measuring 33 centimeters and 22 centimeters, will find between 250,000 and 350,000 sterling buyers.

The website of the auction house says that both parchment and paper are used in manuscripts, which is quite rare and expensive at the time

On the Internet site, it is noted that erotic literature is popular in the Ottoman era and erotic manual guides have become widespread since the 16th century. It is noted that such manual guides are written by more than one person, especially from Arabic and Frasca.

It is not known who is reading the book, but according to the story Nicolais thinks she is being circulated among friends rather than being shared with her.

The work will go on sale at the Sotheby's auction house in London on April 25.


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