Orhan Veli Kanık was not forgotten by Google!


Did not forget Google Orhan Veli … Orhan Veli, one of the most important names in Turkish Literature, was the subject of Doodle, the exclusive theme of Google.

According to the spokesman, 104th birthday of Orhan Veli Kanık, the legendary name of Turkish literature, was the theme of the theme Doodle published by Google today. All the news about the famous poet in the Doodle published by Orhan Veli's 104th birthday label are merged under this title …


Kanık, one of the famous poets of Turkish literature, came to the world in İstanbul Beykoz on 13 April 1914 as the first children of clarinet master Mehmet Veli Kanık and Fatma Nigar Hanim. He died at Cerrahpaşa Hospital in the night of 23.20 at 14th November 1950.

The poet, who spent his childhood years in Istanbul, started his education life in the main class of Anafartalar Primary School in Akaretler in 1921 and then moved to the first part of Galatasaray High School.

Kanık moved to Ankara together with his family in 1925 because of his father's presidency of the Bando Chief. Here, Kanık went to Gazi Elementary School, and at this age he started to be interested in literature and Sedat Bey noticed his interest in Kanık's education first.

During the youth years, the work of Kanık, whose works were published in the journal "Sesimiz" of Ankara Erkek Lisesi, was seen in the first poems of Necip Fazıl Kısakürek. This friendship of Kanık, a friend of Poet Melih Cevdet Anday and Oktay Rifat in high school years, was the beginning of the literature career. Kanık, who wrote poems in the same style, gave the name of "Weird" to the new poetry insights they have revealed upon the "strange" finding of these styles of Anday and Rifat.

Using his signature Mehmet Ali Sel in his first poems, Kanık handled themes such as love, longing, childhood memories, and in 1933 he enrolled in the Philosophy Department of the Istanbul University Faculty of Literature. The master poet who left his studies there in the following years worked as an assistant teacher in 1935.

In the following years Orhan Veli Kanık, a writer and interpreter of his life, became a popular culture art such as "Human", "Voice", "Youth", "Ashtray", "Revolutionary Youth", "Demet" In his magazines he received poems and plain texts. In 1947, Kanık took semi-political touches and criticisms in the Free and Chain Hürriyet newspapers published by Mehmet Ali Aybar. On January 1, 1949, he published "Leaf" magazine in Ankara for 28 issues. Kanık wrote articles under the heading "Passenger Notes" in the "Ulus" newspaper for a while in 1948.

Orhan Velinin celebrated his 104th birthday with this theme.

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