Open source and smart operating system for smart clocks: AsteroidOS [Video]



Currently running smart watches Google in Wear OS (Android Wear) and Apple in watchOS operating systems It is coming. Some other smart clocks have their own operating systems, but the process is running through these two operating systems. But the process is also included as a new option AsteroidOS .

AsteroidOS a specially crafted operating system for intelligent clocks born exactly four years ago and reaching Alpha in 2016. Recently, version 1.0 offers an open-source operating system, an innovative interface and features . Asus ZenWatch 1/2/3, LG G Watch Urbane / G Watch / G Watch R and Sony Smartwach 3 can also be installed on many external devices at the same time. The AsteroidOS divides the main screen with four different scrolling movements, and the top speed setting controls . When scrolling left, notifications disappeared while underneath applications appear. There are applications like calculator, calendar and alarm. On the right side my day has a screen named. Here people can see the order of the information, such as calendar events.


AsteroidOS which can be used with Google WearOS for people hours gives "dual boot" support. In other words, it is possible to select which operating system is initially opened on the computers. The operating system which comes with the prominent details of language support can connect to Android smartphones with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology . For this it is necessary to install the application here on the phones.

AsteroidOS makes difference with open source code structure

This means everyone can participate in the development process of the operating system. For all its details and loading steps from here the operating system you can access seems to promise a great future. However, it is worth mentioning that you are at the beginning of the journey.





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