One of them said "MOTHER DAY"

One said MOTHER'S DAY he said?

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I am saddened by the fact that the days of serving capitalism are transformed into a gift reception without any awareness. Without knowing what you are celebrating, a person who serves the system will be able to use his or her ability to think a little and understand what the days he celebrates actually serve. Is it possible to create an attitude that has changed positively for women in this society when they have celebrated for decades without any mothers, lovers, or women day?

Still in every debate; Unless we humiliate "femininity" by saying "be a man", unless we can discredit the curses that begin with "your ancestor's bacan",

As long as a woman divorced, while we were stabbing in the middle of a street in the middle of the street, while we were approving the violence with words such as "she is not divorced,

As long as we do not make a sound to the woman who believes that there are women in hell the most, but under the feet of the heavenly angels,

As long as we are afraid that the woman's job is only maternity and that she is working, in social life, being an individual and realizing herself,

As long as the mentality of the headscarf, called "sister", who is entitled to all kinds of filth by the headscarf, who determines what she wore, how she wore it,

As long as the woman does not believe that she can be a good friend, a good friend, and the woman is only sexually oriented,

As long as we do not think about how important it is for women to spend time with themselves and their children by working twelve hours in private sectors and taking care of their children, housework, food, cleaning tasks without making the slightest adjustments in the conditions of working mothers

As long as the idea that married men deceive is an ingenuity, as long as their husbands glance when they give birth to a woman and gain weight, when the beauty leads to the body of fine women, or even to the woman's most sensitive period

As long as money is not reported and the fortune-telling women, who believe that money can buy love and that most of the women in Istanbul can make themselves lovers,

In a society that has operated until the marriage of gender discrimination;

As long as she waits for the same loyalty, sacrifice, and the sweeping of hair,

As long as the sons of the Anneler see and bless their sons as saviors,

As long as the night we all have is that the streets remain insecure for women,

Instead of protecting their rights, personality, self-esteem, As long as the mind, the idea, the women who entrust the spirit to a man,

As long as the rights given by Ataturk to women (despite all the excuses and the fact that they can not find a big response in practice) are not known and the women are considered to condemn themselves to the darkness

Unless we see the woman as " human" before everything else

Let no one speak to me about the days of your mother, your fathers, and your days as if you were thinking of them!