One of the Most Sexy Women Living; Emily Ratajkowski

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When the stepfather stepped in, he was not even 15 years old, but in a short time he began to become an indispensable name for the defenders of the most famous brands of the world with his unique beauty and charm.

He is a hybrid

The beauty of his 27 year-old Irish father has roots going back to Germany, Jewish and Poland. Born in London and full name Emily O'Hara Ratajkowski, a young beauty mother is a professor and writer at the same time.

Curiosity of being based on childhood

Emily, who wanted to be an actress at a young age, took part in several theater, and at 14 she changed her life after signing the first contract with Ford Models agency.

Worked with many famous brands

After the contract with Ford Models was over, Emily began to work with a world famous brand like Forever 21 and achieved the real success after her role in the Blurred Lines clip. You are sure that Emily's role in the clips is very much.

Believes in the correctness of people traveling with their innate states

Brave beauty who does not hesitate to give naked poses in many clips and shots is a source of self-reliance, not just trust in physics, but also habits from childhood. Emily, who spent a large part of her vacation with her family on her nude beach, claims that naked hunting is actually a normal thing.

She did not think it would become so famous

In an interview with Blurred Lines after his success in the clip, he said: "I did not think it would sound so good for me that I thought it would be an experience like other experiences."

One of the sexiest 100 women in the world

One of the sexiest 100 women in the world was selected by Maxim magazine in 2014 and 2015.

He is a true feminist

By advocating until the end of women's rights, she always voice her voice about equality between men and women. His sensitivity to these issues is gained by his feminist mother.

Too much criticism

There were many who argued that while they were advocating for women's rights on one side, they created a contradiction by giving naked poses on the other. He argues that nudity is not something to be ashamed of, and that we should not like the most natural state of our bodies.

Animal rights protectors

Emily is also very sensitive to animal rights and one of the active participants of many campaigns on animal protection.

White talents showcase talent

He made his dream of becoming a player while playing in several movies at the same time as his modeling career. We Are Your Friends, playing in the Gone Girl movie, Emliy is usually not bothered by the invitation to "bad girl" roles.

Played in the famous ICarly knee

Even though we saw Emily in only three parts of the series, she notes that this experience is very important in terms of her acting career.

This lady is connected to the head of our daughter

We hope that this young and beautiful woman will have a long and happy marriage, despite the fact that she and her producer Sebastian Bear-


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