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We can all be heroes in life. I do not have to be a superhero superhero and save the planet. We could be heroes by doing little things. For example, if a strange person walking ahead in the light is stepping on the road while the red light is on fire, we can stop it. This is a hero. Being thoughtful is also a hero. The oldest bank in Australia Westpac shows us the fact that the people living there help each other and become the real hayato.

If You Look Around You Can See Someone Who Can Save You

The advertising film, directed by DDB Sydney directed by Mark Molloy, shows us some of the squares from Australia. The ad reinterprets the construction of the Sydney Harbor bridge in Australia, where 16 people died in the 1900s, and the dramatic helicopter rescue in 2011. Samantha Law, who was also animated by real rescue teams on the helicopter scene and an avid rescuer, also appeared in the commercial.

Among other moments we see the basketball player's game in the wheelchair. One of the players falls and the other team friend helps him to stay. A woman who will give birth behind a vehicle is helped by another elderly woman. So the heroes who saved the day in small details are showing us very well.

And of course one of the details that make this ad nice is the song of David Bowie's Heroes. We can either kill them or we can be heroes someday. Yes, we could really turn our perspective back to the concept of humanity within us.

Advertiser: Westpac
Agency: DDB Sydney
Production Company: Exit Films
Director: Mark Molloy

Visual: YouTube

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