On the concepts of retirement and work

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How exaggerated retirement? What a bad target? Will you work with this goal every day? Who teaches people that it's a burden to work? Is it too good not to work? Let's ask a business that is actually dying at home.

Look at the natural. Every animal has to work for every day, every meal. While the fish mix the sea with the birds, the birds gather the worms, the bears gather the blackberries one by one, and the lion runs after the zebran and sweats. No food to work. Which tell me you're retired? There is no such thing in the land. The Dandelion Philosopher said so in his movie. You will die when you can not recover your food; dead, morto, gone … You'll feed others. This business is like this. You will not see old animals. There is no retired animal.

Things changed when the man found the money. It started to accumulate. Soon, he started something called retirement. Now we are surrounded by homo sapiens who want to retire as soon as possible. Thus, going to work was difficult, unpleasant and burdensome. Monday syndrome was created. TGIF or something …

 About retirement and work: Are we in the world to produce or consume it? "Width =" 728 "height =" 410 "/> </p>
<p> <a href= I wrote a letter on loving the work you did, read what you do not read.

When a friend returned from a 3-week annual leave, he was out of his mind when he learned that his company had given him five additional days. " I want to go back to work " he cried. Your head may have come. For example, the last feast was a very long holiday. Some of us missed our job. That's the truth. People really like to work. They are sad and depressed when they do not work. But contradictions are created because our cultures always defy laziness. But the cultures are wrong. The brainwashing idioms like radio DJs " Ahhhhh, we have to go to work " are very wrong. They do not even realize how damaging they are.

If you look at the inventions of the century, it is always tempting. Firing a fire is now easy with the lighter. Laundry, dishwashers, TV remote control, laziness all the time. Look at what happened at last, a humanity devoured by cancer and from laziness and goallessness.

No retirement, my friend. If you live, you will work until the last day. This could be fishing instead of going to work. Tomato may even stop traffic for bread or school children to cross. Work at the foundations. You do not have to earn money, but you will have a goal. It is not so much to go to the coffee shop and criticize the vidivid government or the footballers, or to gossip. This is not work. Be productive, be creative. The universe created you to create, not to consume.

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<p> "<em> Work is a spirit of decency </em>" says a friend of mine. </p>
<p> <strong> Question: Is it for living, working or living? </strong> </p>
<p> I answered both of them. First, we need to feed our bodies. The second is our soul. Yes, to work, to give, to serve, to create … In fact, this is our purpose of creation and it feeds on our soul. Our main purpose is not to feed our bodies and become obese, but to feed our souls. Do not be surprised at the target. </p>
<p> Work with pleasure, serve and remind yourself that you enjoy it, feed your soul, find peace. Then get that taste to somebody else. These things are not diminishing in sharing. </p>
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