On forgiveness: Everything starts to accept people as they are


Why can not you be like me? Why can not you think like me and act like me? Why?

On angry

We do not get angry with the dead, nor do we get to the plants. Even if we are nervous, we will accept it. Because they accept the fools. Ancaaak: We can not accept people, we get angry at them.

Whatever the source is, there is a question in the center of our struggle: " Why can not you be like me?" "

"If you are like me, if you think like me and act like me, it will not happen, and I would not get angry."


Stop … Read more, think for a few seconds, am I telling you the truth?

If everyone thinks like us, do not you think we should get angry at you? What a happy world … Everybody thinks like you. In traffic, there, everyone at home thinks and acts like you. No way to get angry at anyone like this. Everybody same. Yoo, no, it's not a beautiful world, it's a world without color, a colorless world. We are pleased to see the different types around us. We call it socialization: Others. "Else" s. But is it not a contradiction to not be able to attract others when they do not behave like us? If we want others to be different, we should ask them to "accept" as they are. Not when it comes to our work, when it does not work …

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Upon receiving

Everyone can have another thought about me. People's thoughts belong to them. It is the result of your own values. It does not interest me. It is not a matter of trying to figure out what all of them think about me one by one and try to pull it where I want it. What they think about me is their thoughts. I do what I think about myself. What the rest is to me.

Everyone can have a comment about you. This comment belongs to them. They belong to their creation, their judicial mechanisms, their education and their culture. Do not belong to you, do not take advantage of it. It is normal in China to burp after the simplest meal. Come on and judge guys, girl, get angry …

In short, it does not concern you that people think about you. That's why there is no such thing as being taken.

Upon acceptance

It is maturity, virtue, to accept, to accept people as they are. There is no need to go to India to reach this virtue. Even Mevlana " Either look like you see, or pretend to be like "

If a child walking in front of you throws garbage at times, " Your parents did not give him any right ". So you are not judging the child, you are judging him. The crime is not in the child, but in the creation.

In the same way people also have a creator: God.

When we judge a man, we are judging him originally.

" God, what is this life, man like that created? What did you do? Is that what it is? " Is not it funny? Yeah, it's a bus. When we judge people, we are so uncomfortable.

What happened to judge the god,

So there is no judging people, accepting them. As they are, they have to understand and accept their differences from us. Here is the formula of living in peace, in peace.

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Every poster says "forgive", everyone forgives. Forgive and relax!

Well, we understand, how?

Do you think that I'm sorry? I must come face to face and say " I forgive you "?

No. I have to come face to face.

Forgiveness is completely internal. You do not have to know about it, or even you should not know. Saying in your face is just a meaningless and ineffective ego race.

To accept it as a person is to forgive him. " I accept you as it is, I choose not to judge you or your creator. "

" You are different from me and you can think and act differently,

I tried to do my own definitions of feelings like angry, to take, to accept. Because to forgive, we have to understand them, we need not to be taken over, not to get angry and to accept.

And see how beautiful life is.

Another last word: Forgiveness requires the happiness of one, and reconciliation requires the happiness of both sides.

A little bit of patience …

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