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We all know how alarming it is to be stopped by the traffic police.

The answer given by the old woman who is stopped from over speed will make you laugh.

The old woman is stopped by the police because of excessive speed

Woman: Is there a problem, police officer?

Police: You are over speeding.

Woman: I understand.

Police: Can I see your driver's license?

Woman: I gave it but I'm not with you.

Police: Are not you with us?

Woman: Eliminated while drinking alcohol while driving 4 years ago

Police: I see. Can I see your license?

Woman: Veremem.

Police: Why?

Woman: I stole it.

Police: Are you stolen?

Woman: Yes. I also killed the owner.

Police: What did you say I did?

Woman: I shred the body and put a plastic bag in the trunk. You can look at it.

The police pull the eye back over the woman and call for help. After a minute, police vehicles surround the woman's vehicle.

Police: Are you out of your vehicle?

She opens the door of the woman's car and goes out.

Woman: Is there a problem?

2.Polis: My friend said that you killed the owner of your car and the owner

Woman: Did you kill your owner?

2.Polis: Would you please open your luggage?

The woman opens the luggage slowly.

2. Police: Is this your vehicle, ma'am?

Woman: Yes. License and registration.

The police are stunned.

2. Police: Thank you, ma'am. My friend told me that you did not steal your car, your driver's license and your license.

Woman: Look at you liars!

He also said that I was making extreme speed.

That is why you should never be involved in a wise woman!

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