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The most important thing we need to do to protect our world, which has become increasingly uninhabitable, is undoubtedly recycling . Because of the irresponsibility of people, every year tons of waste comes to the soil, rivers and seas, and the natural environment becomes increasingly uninhabitable. However, all we have to do is pay close attention and pay close attention.

1 # Using your package tires, you can prevent your dresser from falling off the hook

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 tire "width =" 650 "height =" 433 "class =" alignnone size-full wp- You can paint your old filter into a flowerpot. </strong></p>
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You can translate the candy box into a buckle with a little decoration.

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<p> <strong> 4 # You can arrange your closet with the hooks of the old shower cubicle </strong> </p>
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 dus "width =" 650 "height =" 395 "class =" alignnone size-full wp- You can grow vegetables in old jars. </strong> </p>
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<p> <strong> 6 # You can translate your old glasses box into the sewing box </strong> </p>
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<p> 7 # You can make decorative lanterns from your old jars </strong> </p><div class=