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Comic book is a nice hobby. A world where you read your mind and read your mind. You can read it quickly. Especially when superheroes or adventure stories involving a journey are read, people disappear in those worlds. The authors of characters such as Batman, writers change. The Batman are coming out of the hands of different people. Sagar Arun and Rachel King also introduce their characters and stories to us through a comic book animation. You Owl Guy !

Wise Owls Town Corse!

Owl Guy, the guardian of justice, a retro superhero. At the beginning of the animation, there is a story of the new Owl Guy on the racetrack of the retro hero comic, and the universe of the two is confused. At a moment, both the antique and the new and coolest Owl Guys are starting to happen. The story telling the two characters about their meeting and working together is a pleasant hello

Animation is 4 minutes and the production quality is high. The lines, characters, facial and mimic details, wing movements, and other details make Owl Guy's lines a fan of people. If they advance the story over the surprises of the retro character and focus on the difference of the period, they can actually create a pleasant mini series. The creative team come together at the Ringling College of Art and Design and create the entertaining story. In addition, the team is launching cartoons as a Kickstarter project in January 2018 and collecting close to 4,000 dollars .

Owl Guy, conjured up with the concept of comic book, evokes Batman in mind. You are not unfair because your mind is Batman. Especially when you add details such as the new Owl Guy's costume, attitude, face structure under the mask and owl reflection in the sky, you say "aa", "yes, parody". Sometimes when I watch animations like this, I want to be satisfied with some things and criticize some things in retired colonel mode. For example, animation is mechanically successful. The comic book is really used as a concept. You used bubbles and sound effects nicely. I wish Owl Guy, for example, has done something new, less Batman. But, of course, Batman is also the parody of Batman.

To sum up roughly Owl Guy animated the style and animated the story of a lovely origin story in some detail while also parodying some aspects.

Visual: Vimeo

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