Nowadays, the technology that creates smiles attracted great attention; smart kasis controlling tire condition




The intelligent kasis system, which has been used successfully for about 1.5 years under the pilot program, will be launched in different countries after Finland.

The combination of sophisticated technology and practical intelligence is instrumental in bringing out projects that create smiles because of their users. And apparently " there is no clear limit yet on how any object or tool around can be made more useful ". We can say that Nokian engineers are starting from this point when we ask this question which we give an example, and it makes smart kaşıs of anticipation. Utilizing the technology of three-dimensional scanning the system is tasked with telling vehicle drivers whether the general condition of the tires and their pressures are at the right level.

How is it used?

The intelligent kasis system called SnapSkan can be installed many times, mainly parking lots. Using a completely free system is as easy as opening a social media account. The drivers that the company has created on the online system load the vehicle information after the registration process. The only thing that remains after that is how they want to get the message to tell them if everything is okay when they are gone through the smart ramp. Nokian can send instant tire information to the wishes as text mail alerts . If too much wear is detected in the tire, the new tire replacement proposal, among the contracts made by the tire companies, even the discount coupon can be obtained from the users. In 2016, Finland's capital city in Helsinki the system offered for use under the pilot program has begun to be offered in other cities after positive returns of 80 per cent. It is not clear yet whether SnapSkan, originally planned for Norway outside the country, will come to Europe.




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