Non-ultraviolet therapy: Infrared ray therapy

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Infrared or infrared (IR) rays are the names given to the electromagnetic spectrum whose wavelengths are between 7700 and 150,000 A °. Infrared rays are not ultraviolet rays. Infrared rays form heat by increasing molecular and atomic movements in the absorbed tissue and are used as therapy in superficial hot applications. The natural infrared source is sunlight. An average of 59% of the sun's rays form infra-red rays.

The most important feature of infra-red rays is that they directly heat the region without heating the air

Application technique; a small lamp of 250 watts, depending on the area to be applied, includes a choice that varies from light box to light box. It is usually applied at a distance of 40-60 cm. Infrared rays are frequently used in physiotherapy, plastic surgery, orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports medicine.

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<h5> <span style= How is the mechanism of action of infra-red rays in therapy?

As the region heats up expands blood vessels, blood flow speeds up, oxygenation increases in tissues fed with blood vessels (eg muscles). There is an increase in elastic fibers in the skin. Toxic substances are more easily removed from the tissues.

In what situations can infrared rays be used?

It can be used as supportive therapy for a number of discomforts such as neck pain, back pain, back pain, muscle aches, excessive post-exercise pain, cramps, sciatica, stress, fatigue, rheumatism, headache, insomnia, calcification

What are the benefits of infrared ray therapy?
  • It affects all cells belonging to muscle, vein, lymphatic channels and nerves
  • Approximately 75% of our body is water, cleans water, our body.
  • Extends capillaries, cleans blood, speeds blood circulation.
  • Supports the excretion of toxic metals, including aluminum, toxic substances that can be exposed for life, can enter our bodies through food or skin, and are not good for the body and accumulate in our bodies, muscles, connective tissues.
  • Pain is reduced.
  • Relieves the muscles.

DR. From Mandell you can listen to the benefits of infra-red physiotherapy radiation therapy:

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