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Nike is doing cleverly planned promotional work by driving to the fun goods market from time to time. For example, in the movie Return of the Future, Marty McFly produced the prototype of the Nike Air Mag shoes which he saw on his feet when he arrived in 2015 and sent a letter to Michael J. Fox. In 2015, just like in the film. Then these shoes were sold in 2016. We also featured on Sevda Yazıcı's work which made knitted versions of these shoes. Now Nike is making a sound with the new "Fanny Pack" slippers he adds to the classic Benassi line.

Will 2018 direct beach fashion?

Nike's Fanny Pack slippers have a zippered jacket on the top with a tiny and mischievous one. So, on your feet, you have two tiny purses that you can carry small, but essential goods like keys, coins. Especially a design that can provide comfort when going to plaja.

Belt-backed slippers inspired by waist bag

Nike's new slippers are named after the "fanny pack" slacks, which means American waistbags. Even the slippers seem to wear a waist bag. Yes, you know those waist bags that stuck in our 90's! As long as you look at the slippers, it feels like the strange feeling that the products of those years have awakened. It's like they're both airs and a piece of grace. A little Burhan Abi is in the air.

Nike's Fanny Pack slippers caught the attention of the Canadian politician Norm Kelly and even drowned him deeply:

1) Why did Nike add a waist bag to the slippers?
2) Do I need these?

Flip Flops; black, black-pink and green-blue. But Nike has not yet given any information about when the slippers will be put on the market.

What do you think, does such a slipper-bag would be handy in Turkey?

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