New Volkswagen Golf caught camouflaged for the first time, winking at Touareg in the inner world



The eighth generation Volkswagen Golf, caught in the camera at the Nürburgring, will bring about an entirely new construction in the important parts.

As a result of the past year, Volkswagen Golf coming from a new generation with extraordinary makeup operations will bring about the next step for the family. In the past few days, the Volkswagen administration, headed by Chief Designer Herbert Deiss will make one of his first serious moves with this hatchback model. In the eighth generation for the first time in a golf camper caught in the Nürburgring under an intense camouflage, we are now beginning to see concretely what is expected of us. The introduction of this generation, which will come with considerable improvements and innovations, especially on the basis of interior design, engine and technological support, is pointing to the Frankfurt Motor Show next year . We are now starting to accumulate data that we can share about the new Golf through the details that are available.


What are we waiting for?

According to the information from the sources, the tradition of parameterization which increases in every generation we see in all cars now will continue its continuity in the new Golf. This, of course, points to the fact that a car is waiting for us to offer a larger, longer and more spacious living space. The most basic features that will distinguish Mk8 from other generations are the explanations of Karlheinz Hell from our culmination of the brand's department manager ; " The next Golf will bring Volkswagen to the era of fully connected vehicles with extended autonomous driving functions. With the new software being developed, the tool will always be online and digital cockpit and help systems will be a reference for connectivity and security. "

One of the most fundamental changes of the new generation Golf will be hybrid motor technology and cockpit. We will see the reflections of the changing parts with the new generation Touareg in 2019, which will bring us the first serious Golf with pure electric range. The resulting spy photographs also reveal what is waiting for us with the gear knob and ghost display technologies Touareg . With the support of Volkswagen officials as "revolutionary", the mobility process for the new Golf has started from this day. You can follow the developments on, you can send us comments about the sections you think you would like to change in Golf.




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