New Rock Pictures in Latmos Found


There are two new caves and frescoes on the walls of the ancient fortress Latmos, located between Aydın and Muğla, with 8.000 years of prehistoric rock paintings

The German archaeologist In 1994, Anneliese Peschlow's first additions to the rock paintings identified were Mount Besparmak, the ancient name Latmos. In the steep rocky part of Mount Latmos, two new caves with 8.000 years prehistoric rock paintings and a rock shelter decorated with frescoes were unearthed.

Bahattin Sürardi, President of the Society for the Protection of Ecosystems and the Friends of Nature (EKODOSD), said that the images in the two separate caves were also destroyed by unconscious people.

( Latmos with Unknown Directions )

The driver said, "The pictures in the cave are in pretty good condition. It is made up of figures, such as various non-human figures and eye-catching ornaments. In the other cave paintings, the reason for the climatic conditions over time and the end of the fire, which is burnt in the cave, has come to fruition. "

"We learned from the local people that fire was burned by hunters and enthusiasts in the caves of Mount Latmos, where there is no protection status except for the known areas of the SIT, and as a result, the ruins of the cave have been destroyed."

There are also Byzantine frescoes

President of EKODOSD The driver, pointing out that the frescoes in one of the caves were also destroyed by unconscious hands,

"Another new painting was the frescoes of the Byzantine Period, located under a rock shelter. Unfortunately, here too, the destruction created by the treasure hunters on the paintings and the shapes and texts of some unconscious figures on the paintings with ceramic pieces were filled. "

He said that rock paintings and frescoes on Latmos Mountain are under the threat of not only hunter and treasure hunters, but also mines.

"In the mysterious geography of Mount Latmos, where many monasteries, church structures and defense buildings belonging to the Byzantine Period are found, there are many more unexplored heritage of humanity. The detection of these within the structure of thousands of rocks depends on several hundred years of surface surveys. But the virgin geography of Latmos, which is a common heritage of mankind, is under threat from the unusual geological structure, natural and cultural assets of the likes of opening new mines. With the destruction created by the existing mines, the new demands will confront the natural and cultural values ​​of Latmos with the danger of extinction. Latmos Mountain, which is full of riches in terms of natural and cultural assets, which contains the oldest human heritage of Anatolia, is like a planet waiting to be discovered . It is possible to find new finds, new cultures, new species at any moment as you go in and search it. For the preservation of Latmos, it should show the same sensitivity not only to the Council for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, to the Aydın and Miletus Archaeological Museums but also to other relevant ministries. "

(19459018) Findings of Wall Paintings and Monasteries During Traveling in Latmos )


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