New emoji exclusive for football player women from Twitter

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We always talk men in the Futbold, women or women? While the presence of women in the football industry is increasingly apparent, Twitter has developed a new emoji in response to growing awareness of the growing awareness. Now the presence of football players in Twitter is supported by an emoji

Emojide shows up with a football on her left hand. #WomeninFootball This emoji that you can use when you use hashtagini automatically exits with the tag. Emoji;

As a part of the campaign to become a part of the innovative #WhatIf Women in Football movement, companies, celebrities and people will be mobilized to contribute to the development of girls and women in the futbol.


The place of women in Futbold

WhatIf (WiF) Chairman Anna Kessel expressed her thoughts on: "Twitter has committed to creating a unique emoji to celebrate Women in Futbold and they are quick to turn that promise into reality we are very happy to move. Increasing the visibility of girls and women has key prescriptions and it is also an effective way to show this with emoji. This is an opportunity to demonstrate how talented women in every sector of the industry are, both by raising the profiles of women, both individually and collectively. From the office manager to the TV server, from the salesperson to the security officer, the contribution made by the women is huge. "

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