Netherlands Evaluating Eskiyan Wind Turbines in Playgrounds – The Geyik

Wind turbines are common in countries such as the Netherlands because kinetic energy in the wind is first converted to mechanical energy and then to electrical energy. In fact, we also do not go into natural energy production in a short time and it gives us good returns both in terms of protection of nature and economically. But for now this rate is unfortunately few.

The only disadvantage of wind turbines is that they are made from recycled glass and carbon fiber. It would have been necessary to make a plan if by 2020 50,000 tons of pervanas would come to waste and the only recycling plant in Germany would be considered.

The Netherlands also made a very practical decision for this.

The old wind turbines are used in parks and playgrounds in the city. As you will see in the finished photographs, other city furniture made of them also on the bank.

We congratulate them for this beautiful idea and transformation.


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