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Nendo ; is an important design brand that has created countless interesting projects such as self-made chocolate set emergency paper paper to convert to fennel and disaster area portable toilets . "Variations of Time" was one of the most remarkable among his new work

Exiting the classic hourglass image

The hourglass is a rare device that has existed hundreds of years ago and remains unchanged in shape. With the emergence of other watches, there was no need for hourglass, but we did not neglect to honor it by making it a symbol of time. The Japanese design studio Nendo reinterpreted the hourglass with four different designs in the series Variations of Time and out of the mind of that symbolic hourglass in our minds. He pulled the hourglass from its previous forms, revealing new forms in which time moved more freely. These hours deal with how we perceive time.

New forms of activity freely free of time

"Time divided" is equivalent to five minutes of sand in the hourglass hour, divided into two separate chambers. The sand flows to the left chamber for three minutes, then starts to fall into the right chamber, which lasts for two minutes. When you look at "time converted" you see that the speed of movement of the kumun is related to the gravity of the joy. So you can measure two and one minute periods. In this version, the sand fills the following chamber in two minutes from the right side. When you reverse the clock, it flows faster and goes down to the chamber in a minute. In "Time doubled", there are three stacks. The sand that flows from the first treasure to the second one minute, the sand goes down to the bottom treasure for another two minutes. When you look at "Times three," you see a large chamber and three small chambers attached to it. Sand flow velocity from each well; one, two, and three minutes

Nendo has a business relationship with Japanese company INAC producing samples and prototypes of samples of sand watches while he is alive. His watches were exhibited in the solo exhibition "Forms of Movement" of this year Milan Design Week . Since the theme of the magazine is movement, these hourglasses also reveal new forms that visualize the movement of time. Of course each one is extremely fascinating in terms of aesthetics. They are like sculptures.

Time divided

Time converted

Time doubled

Times three

Visual: Nendo

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