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Do you like to dig? The world's easiest chance to make money. You give a pound and you start digging. You win three of the same number. This is the simplest luck game in the world. You take out your luck by digging your bread out of stone. Is not it just digital nowadays when you are digging something to discover something or dig? We like to take something out of a surface to explore. So when Lino Lago saw the work of a famous Spanish artist, she immediately loved herself.

The Art of Painted Art Abstract

Lino Lago is an artist who loves paintings that make realistic portraits, sent art history. When you see oil paintings, you can say "aa, how much Renaissance". But this is not the first thing you would say if you do not know the artists and their works when you first saw the series " Fake Abstract ", "aa, who has painted these beautiful works of art". However, nobody can vandalize art, and this is also an art. In this series, the artist adds a layer of a single color that partially covers these paintings on the oil paintings, and he creates an effect like a burning scratch on his or her window with his fingers. Though it is a naive and gentle gesture from this scratch, and it seems as if the color of the background is slightly opened so that you can gaze at us from the back of the pictures.

Fake Abstract In the series Lino Lago mostly used shades of red, pink, blue, orange. And it hides the portraits of women drawn in classical style behind these color blocks. These women are looking at us after a glass of colored steam. How Lago made these paintings is left to the imagination of art lovers. Do you make the whole picture and then put a color on them or do not know how it works directly.

You can plug in your artist's entire series of Fake Abstracts and other works from site and Instagram .

Visual: Lino Lago

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