My selection of hats for the summer – Fashion and The City

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<p> When summer comes I spend 95% of my time with a hat on his head. On the one hand because I love the style that it gives but also because I always try to protect myself from the sun and that the hat often avoids me headaches (or even sunsets) when I drink a glass on the terrace summer. I am very sensitive to the sun and adept of the sunscreen + hat combination from May to September! </p>
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Straw hats & boaters

The hats I prefer at this season are the straw hats ! Nothing is more charming than a boater, is not it? What I really appreciate is that these hats go with everything! Like a wicker basket as a handbag, the straw hat goes with all the outfits and colors and feminises any look in an instant! This is my favorite accessory!

To buy my hats I look everywhere. This is my basic principle in shopping: there are nuggets to find in almost all brands! I regularly find beautiful models in H & M, Asos The Redoubt MSR or Monoprix which are always safe values ​​for hats!

I also have a very nice boater from Maison Michel (the one worn above, higher budget but their hats are beautiful if you want to make you happy) .

 cheapux-canotier-straw-apris "width =" 1200 "height =" 595 "/> <noscript> <img data-expand= this lovely straw hat MSR which is quite similar (a little bigger) and – dare I say – even more beautiful ! I wear it below with my pink Prism dress ! If you are looking for a practical summer hat and that goes with all this model will be your best ally 😉

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