Mozilla Automatically Enabling Track Protection on iOS

Mozilla, which has been almost identical to Google's service quality lately, enables iOS users' Firefox Tracking Protection by default


Mozilla has recently turned on Monitoring Protection on iOS devices by default, rather than being an option on the Settings menu. On this page, you can set up with certain filters whether retail or similar sites can follow you. In this context, the company also underlines that Watch Protection is the same technology used in Firefox Focus on mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Besides this, if you come to the iPad, it will be enough to drag and drop the tapes in order as they are on the desktop. This is undoubtedly quite functional if you are using your iPad instead of your PC.






Chrome, Firefox and Edge are coming up with a password-free Internet security



It might have been more appropriate for Mozilla's default application to be left to the request of the person. In this context the person will set this as default if he wishes this. What do you think about the subject? Did you think that Mozilla was right?






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