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2 packets of pötibor biscuits,

This is a cake that is easy to make and enjoyable to eat. 1 cup milk,

1 or 2 tablespoons sugar (optional)

3 tablespoons cocoa,

125 gr butter (about 4 tablespoons till),

Mosaic Cake Making

The mosaic cake making process :

I am doing two packages, because when I first do it I made one package, I had two pakets out of it, and if your cake is small, make one package. Take a bowl of biscuits and break it. You can divide a biscuit into 4-5 pieces. I love a little smaller piece.

On the other side, put the butter on the saucepan and put it on top of the oven and wait for erimes. Add cocoa, milk and sugar into the melting oil. I do not want candy to be so sweet. Then, we heat the sauce slightly with stirring. If the sauce gets too hot, your biscuit will melt. You do not want that.

Grate the lemon or orange crust into your broken biscuits. This process is optional. If you do not want to, you can not. But I tried very well. Then add the nuts you want and put the sauce on it. Mix well and serve the sauce with biscuits.

You can use it if you have a medium sized baton cake. Or you can stretch the film and roll it into shape. I have my baton. We put a stretch film in it and pour it into the mix we made.

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If you do not have this shape, stretch the film lover neatly cool, pour the mixture neatly and straighten it. Then roll the stretch film to wrap the mixture. Squeeze the edges firmly and roll it down on a bench to make it a full roll. Or you can also make the classic shape pyramid. I choose the easiest way I can not do it and I use the mold ? I wait for 3-4 hours in the deep freeze and then the service is ready