Move to Hollywood movies Incentive Coming in Turkey!

Culture and Tourism Ministry, facing more and more foreign producers of the draft law prepared for the filming of our country were presented to the board.


The 'state support' law, designed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to promote the withdrawal of more Hollywood and Bollywood films in our country, was presented to the ministerial council for signature. foreign film companies in the adoption of the draft law 30% of the expenditure they perform in the filming which took place in Turkey, will be returned to the company by the ministry.

Ministry of the domestic film industry also do not want to leave disadvantaged by this situation, to contribute to Turkey's promotion with local players will bring together foreign film companies. In addition, the new law design includes some regulations on copyright. The Ministry, which will increase the number and quality of copyrighted works, will create a licensing system with more fair and reasonable royalties.






First Trailer from the Movie against Jason Statham's Biggest Dog in History



The 'Copyright Arbitration Board' to be established by the Supreme Court of Appeals, the Competition Authority and Ministry officials and academicians will ensure that complaints regarding tariffs are eliminated. With the law design, high copyright fees will be issued, and works can be purchased with little copyright. The digital field will be further protected by copyright infringement, protecting the ideas and property rights of artists.






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