Morning Breakfast with Pogachaya People Attention!

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<p class= Specialist Dietitian Esra Galakal warned those who made breakfast every morning: "If you pour every morning for 2 months, you will add exactly 2 and a half kilos of fat mass to your body. We need to make 7,500 steps in order to burn a poultry in our bodies. "


Dietitian Cypriot was alerted to those who used to have a meal instead of making healthy breakfast every morning while going to work. "We go to work every day and we go to work every morning, unfortunately, we can get to work from a pastry without spending our time," she said. And it can be very practical for us. One pogache contains 450 calories. When we go to work from home, we have 5 olives, an egg, a small slice of cheese, a tomato, a cucumber, a slice of brown bread, and actually we have a chance to get the same calories with porridge. At the same time, we have not harmed our bodies. "


Harsh reaction to the Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu from renowned people who went to Hatay

Galakil continued: "We have to act a lot when we have a pastry. The poor quality of the food we eat will harm our bodies. We need to make 7,500 steps to make a poultry burn our bodies. "


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