Mophie's iPhone X-specific wireless charger-assisted case


                                                                         iPhone X



Mophie first introduced Juice Pack Air sheath with Qi wireless charging certificate We were introduced to you at the beginning of the month we passed. It was sold abroad soon after the news we shared.

After receiving approval from the Wireless Power Consortium, the charged battery case gives the iPhone X extra power. The 1.720 mAh pille phone, which is housed in the case, provides up to 9 hours of energy. Mophie's Juice Pack Air jacket can be wirelessly recharged on Qi compatible devices. While Mophie prefers a 1.720 mAh battery for the iPhone sheath, it is worth pointing out that the iPhone 7 has a 2.525 mAh premium battery in the sheath. The sale price of Mophie's wireless charger-assisted iPhone X jacket is $ 90


Compatible wireless charger with Mophie sleeve

Belkin's CES 2018 introduced the BOOST ↑ UP Dual Wireless Charging Pad. The product, which can charge two devices wirelessly at the same time, is very useful. BOOST ↑ UP The Bold Wireless Charging Pad was the updated version of the company's existing BoostUp wireless charger. Let's say that the device has four different color options and a small body.

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