Microsoft Announces Gaming 5

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Winning the hearts of conferencing players, Microsoft introduced Gears of War, the newest game in the Xbox brand.


Rarely known, Gears of War is a name change series for Microsoft, the game instead of Gears of War as Gears 5 announced. It probably does not go to the likes of the game that Sony's legendary series is the same as God of War's abbreviation.

At the conference yesterday, Microsoft traced every single thing to Gears 5, and announced a mobile game. Microsoft, faced with a big lynching in the event, would soon give the gospel of Gears 5

It seems that things have gone well with Epic Games, which has been experiencing turbulent days with Microsoft in the past. As you can see from above, the game looks really amazing. Xbox One and the PC will go out on the market in particular, the video consists entirely of in-game images. The release date is currently uncertain.






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