Meteor Crashes Both Dinosaurs May Be Missing or Cause


A widespread belief that dinosaurs disappeared with the effect of creating a meteorite crushing the earth with a huge explosion, 66 million years ago.

There are a lot of researches and assumptions about the extinction of dinosaurs, but their origins have not been studied and understood that way. In a recent study, the spread of scientists from the Science Museum in Trento (MUSE), Ferrara and Padua Universities in Italy and Bristol University, as well as the medical disappearances of dinosaurs, with a mass destruction that first came to fruition.

This new study, published in Nature Communications provides evidence to match two events, the mass extinction of the Karnian Pluvial Period and the first variation of dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs appeared much earlier, about 245 million years ago, at the beginning of the Triassic period, but remained very rare until 13 million years ago, when they were shocking in Karniy.

The new survey shows exactly when Dinosaurs emerged, using detailed evidence from the rock series in the Dolomite Mountains in the north of Italy. Dinosaurs in the region were identified from their footprints.

(19459015) New Research Shakes the Feathered T.rex Perception in the Mind )

There are no traces of dinosaurs in the area before, but many traces have been identified. It is said that these traces point to the moment of the explosion and that the rocky sediment in the Dolomite Mountains is well documented. Compared with rock succesions in Argentina and Brazil, where the first complete skeletons of dinosaurs were found, it turns out that the collision is here at the same time.

MUSE curator, research assistant at the Faculty of Earth Sciences at Bristol University, and editor-in-chief of his work at the same time. Massimo Bernardi, "It's exciting for us to see footprints and skeletons tell the same story. We were examining the footprints in the Dolomites, which is one of them, and it is really incredible to see that the transition from "no dinosaur" to "very dinosaur" is so clear and clear. "

The blast point coincides with the end of the Carnian Pluvial Period, when the climates drift from dryness and then dry again.

For a very long time, this incident was thought to lead to sudden and major changes in life in the sea and in the sea, but the details were unclear. Later, in 2015, the dating of rock sections also revealed what is the measure of oxygen and carbon values.

In the western part of Canada, very violent explosions, which manifested themselves with the great Wrangellian basalts of today, came to fruition. These triggered global warming and acid rain, resulting in deaths both on land and in the ocean.

( According to the new survey, T-Rex could not run )

From Ferrara University, research co-author Piero Gianolla, "We have found evidence of climate change in Dolomites. The warming of the air and the irregularities in the climate came to fruition in four leaps and they all took place within a million years. This should have caused recurrent extinctions. "

Another researcher from the University of Bristol, Professor. Mike Benton says, "It is extremely important to discover that there is a connection between the first variety of dinosaurs and a global mass extinction."

"Destruction not only illuminates the path to the origin of dinosaurs, but also to the origins of many modern groups, including lizards, crocodiles, turtles and mammals of vital land animals."

University of Bristol. April 16, 2018.

Article : Bernardi, M., Gianolla, P., Petti, F. M., Mietto, P., & Benton, M. J. (2018). Dinosaur diversification linked with the Carnian Pluvial Episode. Nature communications, 9 (1), 1499.


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