Meditation allows your brain to exit "default" mode

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Thanks to science, we learn something new every day about the benefits of meditation. This world, which the whole world has learned from Far Asia, has proven that action is good for many health problems, from strengthening our immune system, lowering blood pressure, to restless intestinal syndrome to psoriasis.

On the other hand, a recent study at Harvard University revealed that meditation also increased gray matter in his brain. Gray matter, which is related to personal awareness and stress, is also known by its ability to direct thinking and learning.

Another study at Yale University showed that meditation allows the brain to default out of fashion.

What does it mean when the brains are in default mode or in the default format for Turkish?

10 minutes of meditation videos to get to the summit of mental and physical awareness

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<p> <span style= Dan Harris, a famous news spokesman who had a panic attack on a live broadcast and then met with meditation, explains this:

"Throughout the time we have been awake, we either fall into obsessive thoughts about ourselves, or we think of the past or the future. Without focusing on the things we do, our minds are always in other places. This is how the brain works in this way. However, meditating individuals are aware of the moment when they do not allow their minds to move around elsewhere, and they can do it not only during meditation but also at other times. Here is the meditation, which means that the brain closes the default mode. "

According to Harris, which is why the common point of many different professions and interests is starting to meditate. Everyone is starting to meditate now, from the forces in the US army, to the founders of Twitter, to the doctors from the Olympic racer, to the sportsmen, from the lawyers to the little children. Meditation is becoming a common subculture nowadays, because everyone knows that it helps in the way to success.

We can say that Harris's ideas about meditation have reached an even greater dimension. According to him, meditation may be the new public health revolution:

"In the 1940s you told people you were going to run, who asked you who you were running away from. Now we are getting the same reaction about meditation. But this will change and meditation will run as well as run and even eat, brush, and brush. "

Click on the following video to listen to Dan Harris's speech entirely:

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