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McDonald's will add 1,000 stores per quarter for the next 2 years, kiosks where customers can order and pay for themselves. McDonald's will systematically apply self-service kiosks as well as desk services for a "better McDonald's."

With the kiosk system customers will be able to customize their food and menus as desired. After ordering and paying the kiosk, the customer will go to the table and take the restaurant staff to the table of the ordering customer by table service.

Kiosk has more orders at pilot restaurants

Actually McDonald's has quietly been testing kiosks since 2003. The first kiosks have been placed in international restaurants such as Canada, Australia and the UK. At present, these countries are already integrated into kiosk, kiosk service and mobile ordering systems. Conversion has also been initiated in France and Germany. It was determined that people spent more time in restaurants with these applications. McDonald's, CEO Steve Easterbrook underlines how many people choose how much longer people spend in a restaurant . Therefore, a small increase in the average of the accounts has come to fruition. As a result of this, over the next 8-9 quarters, 1.000 stores in each quarter have slumped their arms to be equipped with kiosks.

Shopping with touch devices means more pleasure and spending

Brandon A. Weber of Big Think has touched another psychological dimension of the incident . Weber takes note of the research called TouchScreens influence purchase which deals with the effects on the buying behavior of touch devices . In the past year's survey, the consumer's expenditures on desk-top and touch-sensitive devices were compared. According to the research, the consumer can touch the visualized version of the mind in his mind, just as it is in physical shopping. Therefore, it has been found that consumers in touch devices have a "hedonic" (pleasure-filled) buying behavior, that is, they spend much more. When the consumer uses a touch screen device, the fun experience created by finger gestures is highly compatible with the sensations created by the product based on the prize.

What do you think? Do you prefer to order from the kiosk by dialogue with the dealer? Although McDonald's showcases the need for human power, this development brought with it the debate that the need for human power would be reduced, salaries would be reduced or unemployment would be caused. Please remember to share your comments on this topic.

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