May Be One Of The Funniest Stories On The City Bus – The Geyik

The abbreviation of the eccentric dictionary writer's bus story will give you a funny experience:

year 2005, we are in izmir. (I am a citizen, but I have never lived, I have a summer house in summer, summer summer).

We go to Izmir, we go crabbing, we are very adult, 3 stabs.

During the trip, we put the citycarts on the outermost face of the wallet and put the wallet in the back pocket so that the face is out. When we go to the otobusu we extend our body to the device, we read and pass the card. we laugh, we laugh.

The trip is over, we will return to Seferihisar. from Güzelyalı, bound to the Üçkuyular bus. (I do not remember the number)

We giggle for doing the usual ritual in the bus.

1. the friend extended the music, the device "beep" passed, the front row laughed.

What was laughing at the back row,

It was me in line, I "beeped" the stretchy bus, I passed. all the buses were laughing light. driver included

As we move towards the back, we watch the 3rd friend, who is about 1.85 in height and weighs about 65 kilos. We are very popular now on the bus. Extend this noise, we are waiting. sounded:

"you are insufficient"

The bus broke down and I was punching my friend, the driver of the driver's eye appeared to be red from the white hair. an abidee who did not know who the main fatality was:

"I wish I had uploaded it to a friend"

After the laftan, the scene was like this: two bullies that can not move from the laughing cape in the middle of the bus, smiley smiley passengers, a driver covered in a laughing concert, a weak bulge in Kentkart's device and a gorgeous stallion laughing at him behind him

Source: abbreviation


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