May 18, 2018 daily horoscope comments


Aries Burcu

Your chances are clear if you want to advance in your career. It is the right time to discuss an issue with your boss, ask for a raise or promotion, make an important interview!

Uplifers proposal: Research shows that women managers who play sports have developed leadership skills more and that sport plays a critical role in teamwork. You should not neglect sports in your life. " Women managers in sports are moving faster in their careers "


If you are interested in a business developed through publishing, advertising or the internet, it is time to talk about your talents. Do not be afraid to take a little risk, trust yourself.

The Uplifers proposal: One of the common characteristics of successful people is that they converge and collaborate and exchange ideas with people with similar interests, focused on their goals in their surroundings. ¨ Recommendations that will increase your motivation for study ¨

Twins Burcu

If you have new ideas about your financial plans, it might be a good idea to keep them for a period of time. Before you share with others, you should try to create a strategy.

Uplifers proposal: To survive a successful, happy and free life, you must earn your financial freedom and assess your money properly. ¨ Monetization and use art: ways to evaluate your income in the most effective way ¨

Cancer Burcu

You can have a productive conversation about yourself, your future plans, your personal affairs with your loved ones. You may think that the advice he gives you is both a lover and a mentor.

Uplifers proposal: Slow down and listen to our inner voice; it helps us to take the right steps, helping us to understand our true ideas and feelings. This is a situation we should not ignore, especially about our private lives and relationships. 5 feelings that you should not ignore about your relationship ¨

Aslan Burcu

There may be some good developments about your career. After an interview with your boss or your manager, you can hopefully come closer to the future.

Uplifers proposal: To take safer steps, do not hesitate to step back when you notice that you are making mistakes. See what you are experiencing as experience and improve yourself. " Ways to work more efficiently "

Başak Burcu

A large project you are working on can be spread to pursue the masses and gain you a great reputation. There is a benefit to keeping the studies tight.

Uplifers proposal: Stability is one of the most valuable features that you can get on your way to success. Do not forget to keep your motivation alive to protect your determination and your faith. " 20 effective ways of protecting your motivation "

Libra Burcu

You can apply to a consultant for the future of your family financial affairs. Referrals for retirement plans, real estate investments can be very helpful.

Uplifers proposal: Many people think of retirement when it comes to investment and accumulation of mind; but pension is actually much more than money. Pension; to find meaning of health, family, life and to be happy at every stage of your life. " Add value to your golden years: the proposal to catch happiness during retirement "

Scorpio Burcu

If there is a decision you need to take along with your loved one, then there may be a perfect time. You can better understand each other's perspective.

Uplifers proposal: Think about your life before you take action on the news you receive. Once you have set your core values, you can see whether decisions you make will match those values. ¨ The importance and method of determining the basic values ​​ ¨

Sagittarius Burcu

If you are working freelance and you are chasing after business, you may have a very profitable and long term opportunity. You should keep your motivation and your ability to persuade strong.

Uplifers proposal: More and more people are working remotely. It is possible to create an "office" environment even at home, outdoors, or even in nearby cafes. We are fortunate that technology provides the flexibility to work from home when it is needed or desired, and even people who go to school every day are using it. " 6 key points that you need to be aware of when working from home "

Capricorn Burcu

Your love life is stopping, getting balanced. If some of you are beginning to flirt in the near future, you may be surprised how comfortable you are next to yourself.

Uplifers proposal: The topics like 'What is the definition of love, how do we understand that we are in love, whether love is love or love is still being debated in science world for many years. Do not worry too much about recognizing and describing your feelings. " The anatomy of love: 10 indicators that you are in love "

Aquarius Burcu

You can meet with your family members or have an important conversation with a person you like very much. Keep in mind that under any circumstances this will make you very happy. Enjoy being with your loved ones.

Uplifers proposal: Do not hesitate to make small surprises to make your loved ones happy and to reinforce your own happiness. Call a friend you have not seen for a long time, say "I love you" or hug. " The 99 name of feeling good "

Pisces Burcu

If you are preparing to speak or make a presentation in front of a crowd, keep your self-esteem high. And the more you trust in yourself, the more you will receive from you.

Uplifers proposal: When it comes to sharing your ideas in the business world, the three most important things are: creativity, effective speaking and originality. We live in an information society where unprecedented data is shared quickly, and reading the PowerPoint slides in this community is seen as one of the greatest sins. " Seven ways to reveal the inner self of presentation "

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