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The art of GIF is now in a certain situation. We can see enough GIF in our life and art. It is nowadays that GIF artists have combined them with scientific details and developed different methods. Some of them are making GIFs that have wondered from ancient ruins, and some are creating GIFs fed by physics rules . Even short animations are made on being a GIF character. Étienne Jacob a French student at the age of 24, brings Winamp to minds when he tears after his GIFs.

Birds and Zeros Chase Each Other on These GIFs

Étienne produces black-and-white GIFs that convert the curvatures found in sinusoidal waves into a number of experimental forms. I seem to hear what you call sinusoidal waves. It is called a sinusoidal wave that repeats at certain frequencies, and goes between certain amplitudes. These waves can also generate a sound signal as they can carry a separate sound tone for each frequency that they have. In animated spheres from Étienne's GIFs you can also see that mutated microbes are imitated. Or if you look carefully, you can also watch the stars copy their movements. Of course, all of them are in 2D plane

The artist is currently using a program named Processing in order to make GIF appear three-dimensional, and he is doing 3D experiments there. The blog is more fresh, hello in January 2017 to Tumblr. In addition, Étienne's groundbreaking of science in GIFs is also influenced by his study of mathematics and computer engineering. Like every scientist, he has not been able to deter himself from combining art and physics with mathematical art.

If you open up your favorite songs from behind while looking at Étienne's GIFs, you can find yourself in Winamp at one point among the dusty pages of the past. Sometimes I wish to say by myself that if GIF had come to this point before Winamp did not exist. Then Winamp could be positioned like Winamp himself. Pity Winamp'a.

Étienne shares design processes like David Whyte which we had previously reported with his followers after publishing GIFs. All GIF's produced by Étienne can be found on the blog Necessary Disorder . You can also plug in the artist from Twitter and

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