Marvel's Iron Man is a charismatic actor Robert Downey Jr

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Robert Downey Jr., who was sculpted as Iron Man, is still among the most sought-after names in Hollywood, even though he is 53 years old with his charisma, good looks, and sometimes sweet, dirty attitudes. The life story of the player, who has become a love for everyone with his success in his career, is also quite interesting.

Robert was born into the art world

His father was a Jewish producer and his mother was a playmaker. Since his early ages, he has taken on roles in his father's films and has begun to prove himself in the art mosque.

In early ages, terrible habits were obtained

His father was addicted to drugs, and unfortunately this affected his entire life. He was taking drugs with his father when he was 8 years old, and he believed that he was emotionally close to them.

He chose not to complete his education life

The young man who pursued his dreams ended his school life at the age of 17 and started looking for ways to improve his acting career by leaving the liquor.

The way to jail from substance abuse

She used drugs and went to prison for having guns on her side, but she was paroled. In this period, although he was treated to cope with the addiction, he returned to his old habits after healing. Robert Downey Jr. he managed to recover and completely relieved from substance abuse.

Does not go out without a waist bag

In the bag, there is always a pack of gum that helps relieve the addiction.

Heme class player and king of the scandals

He once again proved his talent with his successful performance in "Chaplin" and received the Academy Award® Award for Best Actor. Towards the end of the 90's, Robert's reputation grew steadily, but parallel to this, constant use of drugs, the name of prison scandal, too much name was mentioned.

Sarah Jessica Parker's 7-year love story

In 1994, they decided to separate their roads in 1991, even though Robert had a long-standing relationship with Hollywood standards, which began dating at the age of 19

Father hymn bad habits

His son Indio, who was associated with Deborah Falconer whom he met in 1992, unfortunately tried to cope with drug problems for a while like his father, and of course Robert gave the greatest support in this war.

Tested himself in music

In 2004, he released his album "The Futurist", but could not get the desired success and could not go up the music list at number 121.

In 2005, the world entered the house again

In 2005, she married Susan Levin and her daughters came to the world in 2014 and their daughters in 2014. Now, the couple continues their happy marriage.

Climbed to the peak of his career with Iron Man

The player who became an indispensable member of the Iron Man series and the Marvel team; rich, witty, intelligent millionaire Tony Stark transformed his character into a real icon, carrying the character on the white screen.

Of course, it was not possible to imagine the team of Marvel heroes who guarded the world against evil without Tony Stark. Earning exactly $ 50 million for each Avengers film, Robert passed many actors in the film on the fee paid per film.


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