Mars and Saturn Photo

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A photo sitting on the social media lately caused quite a lot of debate about being fake. The Milky Way, Mars, Moon, and Saturn also appear in the photo of the lava of the active Kilauea Crater in Hawaii.


Texan award-winning photographer Mike Mezeul has shown Kilauea in Hawaii in 2016, which has been rocking tens of thousands of people with activity in recent weeks. Mezeul shared the photo on the internet, and over time, a lot of debate about whether the view was false is beginning to turn around. When the volcano in Hawaii became active again, the square came to light, with the debate being published by photographer on

Saying that the photograph was taken with a Nikon D810 using a 14-24 millimeter lens, the photographer pressed the shutter at ISO 2500 and f / 2.2 and took a 25 second long exposure:

On the Internet, most people who comment on the photo talk about the impossibility of viewing the Moon and the Milky Way at the same time. There are also people who say that you need to combine two different images to create this photo. The photographer Mike Mezeul says the Moon is a crescent when he sees the luck-of-the-image and says he does not emit much light on this. Thus, the light balance between the Milky Way and the Moon is caught.

The lavas on the ground are the rocks which are now sliding on the surface, crusted and less fluid. So the amount of light they have is also suitable for as long exposure as possible. Mike Mezeul, who said he made some small light settings after shooting, argues until the last time that his photograph was real.

Below you see some of the celestial bodies in the photo:

The color settings made by the photographer include basic functions such as white balance, little combustion and noise reduction, hot pixels removal and lowering of the contrast density in small quantities. Thus, an extremely rare sight, a magnificent view emerges.






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