Man with the Evil People with Evil Retirement Retensioned 29 Russian Wedding Photography

It is known that photographs of marriage in Russia are carried out entirely in the head. The romance we are accustomed to, the looks into the eyes, the beautiful scenes become invisible when it comes to Russia. As far as we understand, the Russian couples prefer to bring the brightness of their humor and personality to the forefront. And there are interesting photographs of antiquity creativity at odd levels.

Those who make preparations for marriage, those who do not want their photos to consist of the classic frames! This list is for you. All you have to do to inspire is to choose the frame you want to re-interpret.

Na zdrowie!

1. When the bride and groom fly the pigeons of peace in special days

2. A tiny and flying father

3. Trying to revive the picture

4. can not be explained

5. Love came out of the bottle

6. Stop right there

7. How can a man be held?

8. Should not we look?

9. To dive into the water for mankind

10. Gender does not fit well with themes …

11. I suppose yes yes

12. Now I just need a shovel

13. A real man

14. It really looks like the most beautiful day in your life

15. Everybody hold on to one side of the star all day

16. Here comes dear Rapunzel

17. The groom plays the bride: ((

18. Russia's jet skis

19. Watermelon lover 1

20. And now the first dance …

21. Mortal Kombat

22. When childless marriage is requested

23. The true love witness

24. Maintaining traditions

25. Family portrait

26. To shower with love

27. Let's play some games

28. The process is complete

29. Here is the marriage in dreams

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