"Love is the Kalbin Duası" –

Emre Tuncer's The new book titled 'Love's Kalbin Duası' was sitting on the agenda of the social media ..

The new book titled "Love's Kalbin Duası" by Emre Tuncer, who entered the world of literature with the same name-bearing humorous book as the "Life Philosophy", swayed social media. The book, which was supported by sharing many famous names, was met with great interest in bookstores. Shortly after its publication, the book "The Love of the Kalbin Duel", which has been on the list of bestsellers, promises to drag its readers to a unique journey of love.

"Be you, be the end, be eternal!" [1945901010]

Your first love! Sonran is missing in the first place. It did not happen, it happened to others but after you have all gone. You are right, the mistakes show, the way of peace that the earlier ones drift. Love is the love of love, every drop of healing finds my love. You're a kid! My sincerity, my meaningless happiness …

It is the sweetest sip of my tea, the smell of earth blown by the rain. You answer my unanswered questions, I wish every prayer, every breath I miss. No need for more, just be patient. You are written as love and read as a wife. This world is not enough for us; I said, you are my paradise partner. "


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