Looking for 100 thousand signatures for individuals with Down syndrome

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CHP Istanbul deputy Engin, down syndrome is looking for support with a signature campaign launched on the internet for the Parliamentary Research Proposal, which is prepared to address the problems of the

CHP Istanbul deputy Didem Engin is looking for support with the signing campaign launched on the internet for the Parliament Research proposal, which is prepared for the problems of the individuals with Down syndrome. Engin is working to reach 100,000 signatures and establish a research commission in the Assembly.

Engin told AA correspondent that he started a study about individuals with down syndrome, related associations and families about 6 months ago

Stating that the problems faced by individuals with Down's syndrome are coming to an end and suggesting solutions, Engin has stated that he has prepared a proposal for the establishment of a Parliamentary Research Commission. He also expressed his intention to support with his signature campaign on the internet

Engin stated that the commission wanted to present the request more strongly by reaching 100 thousand signatures and that the citizens gave intensive support to the campaign which started 10 days ago.

Underlining that Down syndrome is not a disease but a genetic difference, Engin emphasized that it is important to solve all of the problems by bringing together all the parties with an over-political approach

Engin pointed out that March 21 is the "World Down Syndrome Awareness Day", hoping to reach 100 thousand signatures by that date, and hopefully soon the political parties will give the tribute of a research commission with a business union and a work committee in the Parliament.

"The questions start with birth"

During his study, Engin said that he closely observed the problems of individuals with Down's syndrome and their families. He continued his words as follows:

"For parents, problems start with birth. Infants with Down's syndrome need to receive early education and physiotherapy support immediately after birth. We need a report to get this. But sometimes it takes so long to get this report. However, since Down's syndrome is not a disease, this is evident by the blood test and is not a changeable situation. It is very important to have a report on the diagnosis. For the report; it is necessary to repeatedly test these bureaucratic tasks and to upset these children and their families. "


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