Liman Bath Buildings in Constructions in İzmir Found

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On the grounds of the building destroyed during the construction work in İzmir, the remains of the 'port bath' estimated to belong to the Roman period were found.


It was decided that the archaeological drilling works of İzmir No. 1 Regional Council for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage should be carried out on the basis of parcels. Archaeologists Association Izmir Branch Chairman of the Board Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Uhri said that the building could not be built anymore and that it should be arkeopark.

The construction of the 120-year-old Captain Mustafa Paşa Business Center, located in the Ahmetağa District of the Konak District, owned by the Foundations Directorate, was launched in 2016 with a build-operate-transfer model. The work was started by the winning company on 12 June 2016. The company officials, who wanted to destroy the building and set up a shopping center instead, faced the situation that they did not expect. After excavation work with work machines, historical remains were found on the floor of the building. In the area remaining in the third degree archaeological site, construction work was stopped. With the decision of İzmir Regional Council for Protection of Cultural Assets No. 1, drilling was carried out in the region and the remains were started to be examined. The work could not be finished despite the 2 years that passed

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Once again, at a meeting held last year in the Regional Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. The opinion of the Board that the drilling work on the immovable was examined and the remnants of the Roman bathing structure of the Roman period were revealed. In order to reveal the whole of the building residences of İzmir number 1 Cultural Heritage Preservation Board, it was decided that drilling works should be continued throughout the parcels with the techniques and methods that the Museum Directorate would see as appropriate. After the completion of the work, the opinions of the Excavation Presidency will be forwarded to the committee, followed by a final assessment of the site

Building no longer available

While the work continued in the field, the stones grew more and more every day, and the Archaeologists Association Izmir Branch Chairman Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Uhri said that building the area is no longer possible. At the base of the Captain Mustafa Pasha Business Center building, he noted that one end of the inner harbor (northwest) emerged and Uhri said that the other end of the port was where the Hisar Mosque was located. Uhri, indicating that the building should not be built in this area, finding the suggestion, "It is now archeopark. Once the remains are fully revealed and the area is completely cleaned and arched, it should be done. "

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Arif Ali Cangı, a lawyer known for his environmental identity, said that the region, the third degree archaeological site, should be declared as the first degree archaeological site by the Regional Board of Cultural Assets of İzmir No.1. Recalling that the excavations in the area had to continue, Cangı, İzmir Governor, Metropolitan Municipality and Konak Municipality, said:

"There may be artifacts in this area that will change the history of Izmir. Cultural assets are the common value of all mankind and generations; to protect, to pass on to future generations, our historical and conscientious responsibility. It is the legal responsibility of the central and local authorities. This belongs to the Vakıflar District Directorate. Protecting it for that reason is also a natural requirement of being a foundation. We expect the Regional Directorate of Vakıflar to approach protectionist approach and act accordingly. İzmir Governor, the Metropolitan Municipality and Konak Municipality are calling for a relative. "



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