Life is measured not by how much you live, but by how you live


Life is measured not by how much you live, how you live … How true is it not? Come on, personal development, start with strong questions. Are you happy with your life? What are the difficulties you have experienced in your life? How's your feeling? Is the mind constantly busy or busy with the future? Who lives the moment with quality? Who knows what's going on in your mind even when you're reading this post? Maybe he messes with the phone, he misses many things in his life, he does not see opportunities, you do not witness miracles …

Time flows like sand grains. Unaware of it, without knowing the value of what we have, without having a moment of thinking about tomorrow. We do not know the value of time. As technology progresses, we talk less, we communicate more. As the machines multiply, we need more love, a sincere smile, a friendly hug. The worries are getting worse as the fear increases, we get older sooner.

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Yet all power is in you and you are responsible for everything you live in. Everything you've experienced as a result of your behavior and your thoughts. So how do you want to live a life? Where do you want to be in business, in health, in relationships, in economic sense, in emotional sense? Creation is yours. It's just life choices. Do not love waiting, love yourself. Wait to be confirmed, confirm yourself. Do not wait to be understood, understand yourself and begin to tell. Wait noticed, notice yourself. Your creativity, your talents, your value … Stop waiting for support. Nobody will support you unless you motivate yourself unless you support yourself. Give up on your crime, take your responsibility and move on. Their potential has no limit. Again, the choice is always yours. Then …

  • Choose not to love. It is not hateful.
  • Choose smile. Not crying.
  • Choose to create. Not to destroy.
  • Choose to produce. Not to give up.
  • Pick up the praise. Not to judge.
  • Choose to improve. Not to hurt.
  • Select action. It's not a delay.
  • Choose to be yourself. Not to be perfect.
  • Choose to pray. Not to complain.
  • Choose to live. Not to die.
Create the truth of your life yourself

"Be careful what you say; turn into thought,

Watch out for your thoughts; your feelings turn into,

Notice your feelings; your behaviors will turn into,

Be aware of your behavior; your habits transform into,

Watch out for your habits; it becomes your values,

Notice your values; it becomes your character,

Watch out for your character; turn into your destiny. "

Mahatma Gandhi

 Life is measured not by how much you live, but by how you live "width =" 728 "height =" 545 "/> </p>
<p> Everything we see and see in life is an energy. Assuming our thoughts are also energy, a single word can impair a person's balance or cause them to exceed their limits. A single word can illuminate or darken your day. </p>
<p> Each word or thought that we traveled returns to us like a boomerang. Every good we do or karma creates evil. Conflicts occur at different times or in people. If you want to make the world a more livable place, start with forgiveness. Love me more then love. Maybe the war in the world will end and the war in the world will end. As we learn to be kind to ourselves, there will be no room for evil in the world. Who knows? The world changes as you change. </p>
<p> <strong> I want to finish my last sentence with the teachings of 2017 … </strong> </p>
<li> There is only one truth in life, and that is the moment you are in. An is matched with the thing you give, the thing you give to your life. </li>
<li> There is more fate than he can. Everything happens at the right time and place. </li>
<li> It is not possible to go forward without accepting it and without taking the lesson that it is. </li>
<li> Everything you live in, every person you meet, every circumstance has a reason. Nothing is a coincidence. It's all about getting you perfection in your essence. </li>
<li> In life you will always be tested with what you are missing. Running away is not the solution. But you can face through it. </li>
<li> Life is purely an experience and it is finding the ways to be happy and free in the environment in which you are single-minded. </li>
<li> The way of being a loving person goes from loving yourself first. It is not possible to love another without loving yourself. </li>
<li> Expectations always wreak havoc. Try to find the exact amount inside. </li>
<li> Whatever happens in your life is one hundred percent your responsibility. </li>
<li> Value is not about the behavior that someone else has imposed on you, but about how much you see yourself as valuable as you are. </li>
<li> You can never change anyone, but if you change the world will change. </li>
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