LG G7 ThinQ Will Focus More on Artificial Intelligence Technology

The LG G7 ThinQ, which attracted attention with its previously announced features, increased its anticipation further by focusing on artificial intelligence technology.


Samsung's biggest rival in South Korea LG has recently become the focus of flagship smartphones and trend products. Earlier, South Korean phone maker G6 had a new trend with a 18: 9 screen aspect ratio. Now the LG G7 is preparing to create a new trend with artificial intelligence sensors and more.

During launches in the USA, the LG G7 showed a special notch design for the selfie camera, headset and ambient sensor. In addition, the new flagship, fast charge 4.0, OLED and LCD screen switching between the features such as the great interest. However, the announcements on the subject of focusing on artificial intelligence increased the expectations more as a whole was new.






Oppo's Artificial Intelligence and Great Breakthrough for 5G Technology!



Thanks to artificial intelligence, the LG G7 will probably have features like Portrait Mode, Live Photo, Graphy and 3D Camera. And because the superior Boombox Speaker is also getting Google Now and special artificial intelligence support, the Snapdragon 845 flagship flagship can create new trends this year.







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