Learn the seven rules of happy life!

Actually, we all want to be happy. However, we are wrestled with unhappiness due to problems and a lack of understanding. However, it is possible to be happy and increase our quality of life! As your best friend "High Heels" we share with you the rules of happiness that really work.

Make peace with your past: It's easy to say, but you have to do it. If you have been in your past, make peace with them.

Do not worry about the ideas of others: On this point you will be able to overcome the potential obstacles to us that make us unnecessarily saddened by you. Evaluate it in the frame of logic and do what you want.

Trust in the healing effect of time: Time alleviates all suffering, leave to time. Make your hand in your hand and wait calmly and remember the word "water will find its way".

Do not compare yourself to others: Someone else's size is long, the financial situation is good, your wife can be very happy. But compare your life and yourself to other people and do not judge yourself. Improve yourself, learn the information every day and love yourself because you are one!

Do not really think too much: Love, business, financial issues, family relationships, overweight, careers … Do not waste your time thinking about what you have in your life or what you want to be. You, make your way from your hand, calm down and wait.

Take on responsibilities: Do not blame anyone for how you feel or do not reward extra. "I feel so angry because it yelled at me"; it means that you are the slave of the shouting to you.

Even if you are not happy, smile even if you are not happy: All your problems in the world have not gathered your heads, thank and smile for the beauty you have. As Audrey Hepburn said, "If you want to have attractive lips, do not touch someone else's sweet promise."

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