Kaleiçi, a Antalya classic, became the heart of today's city from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Seljuk and Ottoman periods. There is a wonderful park with beautifully landscaped historic streets, sweethearted locations and a view of the sea over cliffs. The Antalians who came out are coming here to hang out, as well as tourists. There are old Antalya houses, sweet restaurants, souvenir shops, bars even on weekdays, streets you want to take pictures on every corner. Maybe the first time, when we arrived without being crowded, it seemed so beautiful to say "How beautiful it is to live in Antalya". Since you are a small place, you will see anywhere in 2 to 3 hours. Come on, let's not miss


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1. Enter the historical Hadrian's Gate to Kaleiçi

Hadrian, the Hadrian's Gate, is one of the best preserved structures of all historical buildings in Antalya. A.D. The gate built in 130 in the name of the Roman emperor Hadrianus remained untouched since it was out of use for a long time. Because the later walls built one side of the door. Soon after the walls were demolished, the door came to face. You have to pass absolutely once under the elegant door with two floors, white marble columns, omni and embossed. Click for location 👉 Point on the map marked with number 14.

2. Historic Streets Very Elegant, Plenty to Walk

You enter from Hadrian's Gate and you are in Kaleici. This neighborhood is the historic center of Antalya, famous for its restored, painted courtyard houses and narrow streets. Some of the houses there are especially mansions, hotels and pensions, and some are boutique shops selling souvenirs and handmade items. It reminded us a bit of Seferihisar's texture. Part of the time of your stay in the center of Antalya is definitely on these quiet and peaceful streets of Kaleici.

3. Take a boat tour and watch from the Sea of ​​City on the Falez

Photo Source: Omer Unlu / Flickr

It is also a good idea to take a boat from Kaleiçi yacht harbor and watch it from the sea. Whether you are attending day trips or hourly cruises, you can opt for your own boat hire options within your budget. Collective tours generally depart from the port at 10.00 hours, where they come to places such as Konyaaltı Beach, Falezler, Çaltıcak. It gives a few places to swim and eat. At about 4 pm, it's a slow transition. For those who want to go to other beautiful areas of Antalya, there are also tours to Kemer, Side and Alanya.

4. Have a Little Beach You Can Swim Here in the Summer

Next to the harbor, this bay behind the cliff was used as Women's Beach because it was far away from the eyes. Mermerli Beach, which has a viewing terrace on the top of the beach (where this photo is taken). 🙂 The beach that looks empty in the photo is filled with sun beds in summer. There are not many places to go to the sea because there are always cliffs cutting the sea. The ones staying in the Kaleici's are using this beach more. Click for location 👉 Point on the map marked with number 3.

5. Make Tea & Dessert at Justacandy Shop

Justacandy is not actually a cultual Kaleici place, but even a strange young lady who owns it, but when you get inside you will say "I like your type" and it is also a sweet place to have candy. We had such a positive feeling that we wanted to add it here. If you want to do a sweet & coffee / tea doping at your tired point, you have your mind. The people were leading waffles the most but we are tiramisucuz. Click for the location 👉 The point marked on the map by number 10.

6. Not Very Impressive But See Your Clock Tower If It's Passing Your Way

The Clock Tower of Antalya in 1901, a tower of 14 meters height with a square plan, built by Grand Vizier Sait Pasha during the reign of Abdulhamid II. He has a clock dial on 4 square feet and a bell at the top. This bell is the oldest part of the body because the watches have been replaced by a digital mechanism. Click for location 👉 Point on the map marked by number 16.

7. From the Elevator to the View

Kaleiçi is a settlement that starts over the cliff and goes down to the sea. An elevator descended to the lima to facilitate effort. But like the elevator in the center of Izmir, it also serves as a more touristy terrace. Click for location
nokta Point on the map marked with number 1.

8. Explore Kaleiçi Marina

Photo Source:

In the Byzantine period, Antalya, one of the most important port cities of the Eastern Mediterranean, is located in the Kaleici area, although it is now modernized, but it has been a port of the ancient history of the region. Already a part of the harbor nest and the surrounding waters surrounding the harbor are historical remains to be seen in the area. Click for location 👉 Point on the map marked with number 2.

9. We Are Unseen But You Can Tell The Submarine In The Marin

Photo Source:

but we did not have our chance NEMO Turkey's first tourist submarine in the Old City Marina. You can travel with the submarine that started the tours in 2017 or even rent it for private tours. The ship has a capacity of 44 people and the ability to make 10 dives in one day. The tour lasts for about 1 hour and dives for 35 meters. But do not worry, you are experiencing any pressure changes.

10. View Suna-İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum

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A traditional Kaleiçi house of the 19th century, where you can find the concrete outputs of the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation, like the Pera Museum and Istanbul Research Institute in Istanbul, in the name of surviving and researching Turkish culture, The museum consists of the Aya Yorgi Church. For the museum opened in 1996, the Foundation bought these two buildings which were in the status of cultural property which required protection and transformed them into museum by restoring them.

In the museum-house, you can see Antalya's traditional architectural and folk culture items, cross section of various moments from groom's hair, coffee ceremony to the tea ceremony, mannequins backed with old photographs and effects of the city. During the revitalization, ethnographic products such as clothes, furniture and carpet-rugs collected from Antalya region were used. In the restoration, the interior of the house has been added to mosaic floors, wooden stained ceilings and croquettes as well as traditional Kaleiçi houses.

The other part of the museum is the Aya Yorgi (Agios Georgios) Church of 1863. A modest church with a rectangular plan and a single nave is decorated with pens ornaments like the traditional Kaleiçi house, but over time it has lost the characteristics of local wood. The ruined church used as a post-exchange warehouse was included in the museum after being purchased and restored by the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation in 1991. Kilisenin main gallery, Canakkale Ceramics collection is on display. On the upper floor, there are regular exhibitions. The museum is open every day except Wednesday, from 9:00 to 18:00. Address: Barbaros Mah. Kocatepe Sok. No: 25 Kaleiçi Websitesi Tel: 0242 243 42 74 Click for the location nokta The point marked with 12 numbers on the map.

11. Walking to Karaalioğlu Park by passing Hıdırlık Tower

Photo Source:

Cylindrical tower of 14 meters high, holding the southwest corner of the fortress walls of Kaleiçi, Hidirlik Tower … 2. The tower, which was dated to the 17th century and served as a watch tower and a sea lantern in time, is located at one end of Karaalioğlu Park from Kaleici's most beautiful recreation areas. Covering an area of ​​140,000 square meters, the park is built in 1940 and the streets are under construction, with 3 observation decks at the end. There are various sculptures such as "Worker and Child" of Mehmet Aksoy, who will remember the "El" statue of Kuzgun Acar and "Freak" statue discussions in Kars. Recently, the Green Parrots living in Yeşilköy and Sarıyer in Istanbul have also settled in this park. If you come to Kaleiçi, you must cross the park at least once, starting from this pedestal. Click on the location 👉 Point on the map marked with number 6.

12. See from the Glass Terrace, Then Immerse the Day at Cafés with Port Views in the Petit Park next door

Photo Source:

In Kaleici, there is a viewing terrace with a glass balcony built on a cliff. There is a wonderful yacht harbor view from this terastian. In the Keçili Park, right next to the glass terrace, there are goat statues made of wood, tea for the elderly, cafes for youngsters to sip against the scenery. Click for location 👉 Point on the map marked with number 4.

13. Listen Live Music at Holly Stone or Simurg at night

Photo Source: www.facebook.compg / holly.stone.antalya

These two places are the two most intact places of Antalya Kaleici. You can think like a kind of Antalya Babylon. Both are individual to listen to good quality music. There are more alternatives, more jaz and rock-based programs. There is a live performance in each of the two spaces. Simurg Click for location . Holly Stone Click for location 👉 Point on the map marked with number 8.

14. Antalya's Special Sprinkle Pastry Pie

Antalya's special taste sprinkle fritters. You can find the best, the 85-year-old pastry maker Börekçi Tevfik . The reason why the name is sprinkle fritters, the answer is that the dough is being rolled out in the hand. It all happens in front of you. Optionally he likes cheese and cheese. It is a small and shabby place, but in Kaleiçi, the sprinkle börek is eaten here. Click for location 👉 Point on the map marked with number 15.



It is known that Antalya is the first fine-dining restaurant. Their main aim is to combine high quality local materials with modern and traditional techniques. There are ricotta and aegean gnocchiden sushi, black forest fruit duck duck chestnut sugar mousse, a menu customizing the world cuisine. Address: Selçuk Mh., Pasha Cami Sk. (0242) 247 60 15 Click for location .
nokta Point on the map marked by number 17.

Kaleici Meyhane

Photo Source: Ahmet / Foursquare

In Kaleiçi, the right address for raki-fish-appetizer. It is a friendly and witty / chic place. Especially the squid from sea squirts are very successful. Location

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