Kakava fire will be on fire tomorrow


The celebration of Hidirellez, which holds an important place in Roman culture Kakava The festival will start tomorrow.

Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan, AA correspondent, said in a statement, Hıdrellez 's said that only become an event known throughout the world not only in Turkey.

Kakava / Hıdrellez festivals will be very colorful this year and thousands of people from home and abroad will come to Edirne. "People who are in the evening will have fun there and watch the morning ritual and leave our city. This year we will watch a more active Kakava than in previous years. "

Gürkan informed that Kakava needed some adjustments and that the deficiencies had to be eliminated.

"We expect more than 60 people this year"

Kakava is a Romani tradition, but Gürkan, who stated that he was transformed into an international festival, continued his speech as follows:

"We want to turn Kakava into a festival. This year we will watch a more active Kakava than in previous years. Kakava is a Roman tradition. In the past, there were 3-4 thousand visitors to Kakava, and around a thousand Roma citizens, they could be watched.

Last year, 30 thousand visitors came. Our Roma citizens are invisible in the crowd. This time the people started to say 'We do not see Roma'. We expect more than 60 people this year. There is a need for an arrangement to better monitor our Roma citizens. "

Kakava fire will be on fire tomorrow

The festival will begin tomorrow at 17.30 in the name of Sarayiçi, with the protocol members burning the Kakava fire. Within the scope of the event, Traditional Roman Horse Races will be held.

The festivity, which will start tomorrow evening, will last until the sabbath. The Romans coming to the edge of the Tunca River without dawn will wash their faces in the river for rituals, while others will enter the river and leave their wishes to the water.


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