'Kadıköy 1st Antiquities' started today

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Kadıköy Municipality and Beyoğlu Sahaflar Derneği Kadıköy 1st Estate Days held with business associations met with book lovers. Beyoğlu Sahaflar Derneği Chairman Ümit Nar, "Book sales in the summer period is weakening all over. We are doing this kind of activity to block or bite them a little. "

The rare book the magazine and the records, which began on Ali Suavi Street known as Street of Artists old documents documents and maps Ottoman books and mecmualar ] first print books and second hand books for every budget were offered for sale.

Umit Nar, the president of the Beyoğlu Sahaflar Derneği and Hermes Sahaf, said that he participated in the activity of 42 locations from Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul in a statement made to his AA correspondent.

Praying that your event will be open for a total of 9 days including the last day of the feast, Nar said that you can visit between 10.00-22.00 every day.

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<p class= Ümit Nar pointed out that book sales fell due to the internet and various other factors, "Book sales are heavily weakened in the summer period. We are doing these kinds of activities in order to prevent them or to prevent them. I am sure publishers are at the same concern. This kind of activity we are going out to become areas we breathe for us. "

"You should do this right and read it well"

Speaking for ten years, Nar said,

"I'm a good reader, too. I always argue that. A good owner must first be a very good reader. Because the people who come here have a difference in terms of literary readership from people going to a bookstore. There is a wide spectrum in our literacy class, from homework preparation to university and graduate and doctoral students. So you have to do it right and read well in order to be able to address these people properly. Being a good reader is a prerequisite. "

Pomegranate, underlining that there may also be books of great value in the courts, "I have some of the Dialogs of Plato about 200 years ago. In Germany, printed in Greek. Bottom notes are in Latin. It's a beautiful book. One of the most precious and oldest books in my hand. "

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<p class= Speaking in English and Ottoman, Nar gave the following information:

"The palace already needs to know the Ottoman language. In order to know what the book he has received, the dominance of foreign languages ​​should be little more than that. We also need to know the language of the people who live in our land. There is a special alphabet in Karaman. There are books written by Christian Turks living in Niğde. When you come in, you need to know a little bit about what you are reading so you can understand more or less. I can read Karamanlı more or less. I have an intention for Latin because it is necessary. You need to notice the language of the book that comes in. Is it Cyrillic or Arabic? Is the Arabic alphabet a Persian or an Ottoman? You have to understand that. "

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