James Cameron's new camera for avatars became apparent

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James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment will use Sony's new VENICE film camera system for the main image in upcoming "Avatar" sequels.

The first "Avatar" film that went into vision in 2009 and shot again with Sony professional cameras; engaging story, enthralling 3D images, and exceptional visuals. Serinin new films; enhanced special effects, more detailed production conditions, and challenging live action scenes, and visual quality.

According to Lightstorm, the right choice was the Sony VENICE camera system to continue the story of the Avatar and bring a whole new experience to the audience

Director James Cameron said: "The VENICE camera offers the most spectacular video I've seen so far. Blacks are rich, deep and velvety; the accents and source lights are incredibly brilliant. For the first time I really understood the meaning of the term High Dynamic Range. "

While the main image phase in the VENICE-used "Avatar" sequels is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2019, the performance footage is already in production. Process; Multiple Alpha mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras are supported by several additional Sony imaging technologies such as the PXW-Z450 and PXW-320 video cameras and the RX0 camera. The production uses Sony F55 and Alpha cameras for the back of the camera and for taking pictures.


James Cameron's preferred Sony cameras

Cameron says, "I've been shooting with Sony CineAlta cameras for 19 years, but I really can not wait to shoot the VENICE camera with Avatar 2 and 3." [1945901111]





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