Ivana Sert and Peker Açıkalın

in the film "My Watch Your Eyes"


The season's assertive comedy film starring Aras Yapım and starring Ivana Sert and Peker Açıkalın ' I see my wife Mü? " Vision enters on April 6 …

The filming took place in the days of passing the afghan and fragment of Filmin film, which was held in the Manavgat district of Antalya and lasted 4 weeks. "Seeing My Mum?" Watcher promises a summer adventure.

This is the most talked-

In the cast of players; Ivana Sert, Peker Açıkalın, Nuri Alço, Coşkun Bozen, İlker Kurt, Arda Kural, Toygun Ateş, Ferdi Atuner, Huseyin Elmalıpınar, Tolga Öz, Mehmet Çepic, Berna Öztürk, Esra Sömezer, Dilay Korkmaz, Erdi Ünver, Ahmet Ariman, Ayşin Zeren Bülent Pelit took on the director and screenwriter of Filmin, where Yüksel Molla, Ali Riza Tanyeli, İrfan Aslanhan, Elif Kabas, Anıl Şimşek, Teoman Ayık, Merve Yüksel and Banu Parlak took place.

A movie with guaranteed laughter that the moviegoers awaited curiously "Seeing my wife?" On the 6th of April the audience will meet …

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