ITU ROV Team Two-Year Top-Bottom First

                        The ITU ROV Team is a team that brings together various disciplines that include team members from various faculties (Shipbuilding and Marine Science, Electrical-Electronics, Computer and Information, Aircraft and Space Science, Architecture, Mining, Operation and Machinery). Assisted Academic Counselor. Assoc. Dr. The ITU ROV Team, which Bilge TUTAK has undertaken, was established two years ago under the Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Sciences


just a few months after ROV Team ITU established last year in April 2017, MATE ROV Competition screening and Turkey in 2017 became the 1 st of America had been held in representing our country in the finals. ITU ROV team which continued this year as well the successes, 28-29 April 2018 date, which was organized in the same institution MATE ROV Competition 2018 Turkey was Turkey 1st in a row twice in qualifying and this year won the right to be the team that will represent the United States to our country.

The ITU ROV Team designs and manufactures remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs). ROVs can perform many tasks with the control of an operator on the water, thanks to their high resolution cameras and robot arms. ROVs are used in underwater scientific research, underwater habitat screening, in areas where human access is dangerous or not possible, underwater search and rescue operations, offshore platforms and underwater pipeline installation, maintenance and repair operations.

In the MATE ROV Competition organized by the MATE (Marine Advance Technology Education) Center, the participants race in remote controlled underwater vehicles designed and manufactured with engineering skills every year in a different concept. The concept of the track that the judge sets this year; aircraft debris, earthquakes and energy. The competitors are in the pools located in a pool respectively; detection of an aircraft wreck and removal of the wreck on water, establishment of a seismograph under water, acquisition of installed seismograph data and installation of underwater power generation plant.

ITU ROV Team 21-23 June 2018 With the experience of last year's finals in the US state of Washington, it is expected that a great deal of work will be done by the competitors. achieving success and aiming to return.



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