It was a Sunday as usual …

I took the first of a series of Durable Families, Unique Stories in my house that I have been alive with the support of Profilo Durable Home Appliances ]

Thus, it is important to be able to give an idea of ​​what kind of content will come out to those who want to participate, and what we want to experience first in our home …

It sounds like a lot of fun stuff. More precisely, my obsession is extremely tiring, some things that seem "bitse de goek" are quite fun. It is a great archive for the future … It is very different for us to look at the situations in the daytime from the outside, except for the moment when people are posing and facing the camera. I am sure these photographs will be more valuable in the future …

We chose to shoot on a Sunday evening. The weather was beautiful, we went out in the morning and bought fish and cooked it as we tried to do every Sunday. Sleeps were sleeping, homework done, 3-4 hours to finish the day.

Here it is 3-4 hours, 3-4 hours which requires the most energy …

And for this, a POWER BREAKFAST was required.

Photographs: Ferhan Saral

After this grieving, Dogan went out for a job. Everyone else was at work, in power, in pardon.

I also slipped my arms.

What I do not like is to try to eat in the kitchen while the dishwasher is filled with clean stuff. I do not like at all. No matter how urgent the food business is, I will absolutely empty that machine.

Or emptying. The kids are doing it for the weekend.

Even though the smallest individual including the one who says "I will also evacuate!" is included and slows down the work that is common with the intention to help, the machine is empty and I enter the kitchen after that .

After completing this challenging task (!), The children deserve some tablet entertainment … And of course, it started with two people and continued with three people because what is missing from the other one?


Andy Warhol has a promise:

One's company, two's a crowd, three's a party.

Something like would interpret this in parental language Something like "One child is no child" … In short, the number of "3"



On Sundays we usually make a big meal after breakfast. Even if we have an early breakfast (because the children are "late Sunday" because they say "Today is Sunday") we keep snacks tight and do something for lunch / dinner. Brunch, slipped on the evening …

So there is less workload, and it looks more like "Sunday" … Nevertheless, if you are light to the children, we prepare and feed something and get hungry and wake up overnight

The last few hours, especially for some of the tastes that come to sleep, may not be easy


I try to wash my clothes on weekends.

In order not to do the self-wash-as-collect-fold work, but to add an extra voice as the house is loud enough.

However, on Sunday evening, the dirty baskets are beginning to overflow. I wake up on Monday morning to wake up the laundry to run … I want to change the sheets at the beginning of the week, the dirty washing load of the weekend is only in our home until Wednesday … So preparing the machine on Sunday is a critical issue …


It is not so easy to be alone in those hours when children's energy ceilings are up, because they are kicking out their tiredness, not being silent as normal people – or rather adults – do, but vice versa.

my dear grandmother, that account …

"The child has nine cars, one to fill the whole day,

And at those times when they were tired, but they were not standing there, I was on the one hand taking care of the clothes, on the one hand, preparing fun things before bedtime,

Luckily that Sunday I could not live like this …

After a series of bathroom chapters, this madness session ended with an upside-down change …

It is important to prepare for school on Sundays because Monday morning, after two days of rehab, it is a terrific rush at home … Whom are their magazines, spare clothes ready for physical education, Anneeeeee prepared my apple mııııaaaağağğğ on Sundays, we prepare bags for children … if it comes to my mind!

Fortunately that day came …

It's a big step for everyone to wear their pajamas. It shows us a little closer to the "happy ending." Of course wearing pajamas does not mean to calm down …


At that moment the birth of Dogan was celebrated with festivals all over the house …


And, however, the sevincum was in the cup, so Galatasaray had a very important match! This meant that I would do most of the work in the rest of the night by myself.

There is a silent division of labor between children, after Derya, more precisely … Who is investing Derya, the other is doing the rest. This mostly means collecting the kitchen. Sometimes, to prosecute others for a bed …

On Sundays we do not usually eat two of us at dinner; if they are children they are either taking the leftovers from the weekend or passing them over with oats.


On that day, after the last snacks, the team went to the beginning of the game … You know, you do not have to understand the futbol to be able to watch the match, enough to do what the team does …


Until the traitorous mother comes and ends the fun …

There is an interesting communication here … Even if it resists sleep preparation, "It is impossible to put a side padding" actually … It seems that if you do not accept sleepiness but do not appeal,


"I Uyumica! No sleep, no, no! " The rulers leave the place to surrender. Because "The person who knows better than the child that his child is asleep is called ANNE."


It flows more easily after that.

These are the most peaceful minutes of the day … For both the bedside and the inside …

If we said that he entered the bed, he would not stay there … He goes out again to say "good night" … And he is hugged by every single person …


Oh sorry, I would get a car too!

And we can go out on a path that is no longer returning …

There is a state of emergency in the house, as far as diver sleeping … If you hear someone talking or moving, you may call me or your father … He can say, "I can stop drinking water" he should not come up to the dive …

Fortunately Galatasaray is waiting for Derya to fall asleep in order to score

When things calm down, we decide to group as masses that are not interested in the game.

Then a second goal breaks our seventh syllabi.

I am looking forward to work, ours will watch the exact match comments, the silent peaceful night we are looking for is not reached yet, so I decided to get up and collect the kitchen. I would leave this job to Dogan because I deposited Derya under normal conditions, I will not forget this footstep anymore!

Preparing a breakfast table one night, an app I discovered recently … Even if we get up early in the morning, we get very difficult without being late, and even taking out those plates and pre-sorting them can be a winner. Turning the plates upside down to make them dusty, the kitchen is turning to the kebab shop, but please.

Finally, the remaining two thirds of the household are drawn to the room.


And the night is over …

Or does the real fun start now?

Durable Families can read all the stories in the series of Unique Stories from here If you are in Istanbul, you can write to All photographs were taken by Ferhan Saral .


This post has been misunderstood with the support of Profilo Resistant Home Appliances, which makes life easier by saying, 'If parents have tough conditions, we have Profilos that will make their lives easier.' I would like to thank Profilo for his support of this project, as well as providing products that are durable and sustainable throughout their lifetime, as well as to be with their families, to understand their challenging circumstances and to offer products that will support families in their daily lives. You can view the Profilo Home Appliances website from here Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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